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This website is dedicated to analyzing stock charts for buying and selling opportunities using different forms of technical analysis. In my various stock updates, you will find numerous trading techniques and tips that can apply to any stock, not just the ticker symbol being analyed in the update.


Learning Technical AnalysisTechnical analysis can be performed in many different ways, such as starting with the basics - print a stock chart of your choice, grab a ruler and pencil and then fill up your coffee cup.


Now draw a few trendlines on the chart. Congratulations, you just performed some technical analysis!


Now, drawing trendlines is just one of several ways to analyze a stock chart from a technical perspective. You may be asking yourself right now - why use technical analysis? Well, have you ever bought a stock but later wondered when do you sell it? If so, then keep reading because some form of technical analysis is probably right for you.


One of my goals at Trendy Stock Charts is to teach individuals how to use various charting tools. Individuals can then apply that knowledge when analyzing their own stock chartsIn most charting or trading platforms, there are litterally hundreds of charting options and indicators to select from. I try to "simplify" my stock review using a select few techniques that work well not only individually, but also collectively as a group.


At Trendy Stock charts, I use a combination of Trendlines, Moving Averages, Candlestick Patterns, Elliott Wave Analysis, Fibonacci Analysis, Chart Patterns, Price and Volume Analysis and P&F Charting to breakdown a stock chart. If you are unfamiliar with any of those technical analysis methods, or want to see why I like to use that particular type of analysis, then click on the buttons to learn more.


If none of the above technical analysis methods sound familiar, then consider starting here at Technical Analysis - The Basics.


In each of the Technical Analysis sections, I try to explain the main reason(s) as to why I use that particular type of anlysis when analyzing stock charts. In various sections, you will also find additional investment links and reference materials.


Free Stock updatesIf you have a basic understanding of technical analysis or are curious as to how it applies on a stock chart, then check out my free stock updates.


In my free stock updates, feel free to explore articles for different stocks and see how I use and apply various technical analysis methods to help determine both buying and selling opportunities.


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