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Well, first let me ask you a couple of questions.....

  1. Do you fee like you have no control over your investment or retirement portfolio?
  2. Have you ever wanted to buy a stock but wasn't sure what to do?
  3. Did you ever buy a stock only to watch it go down in value after you purchased it?
  4. Buying a stock is usually the easier part - do you know when you should sell a stock?
  5. Do you think your broker has your best interest in mind?
  6. Do you want to learn techniques that can be applied to any stock chart that will help you to outperform the market?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you will benefit in some way, shape or form by joining Trendy Stock Charts and becoming a member today!


One of my main objectives at Trendy Stock Charts is to help individual investors fight back against Wall Street, one stock at a time. It's time for individual investors on Main Street to take back control of their financial future!


Learn technical analysis techniques that can be applied to any stock chart on any sort of time frame that suits your trading style - from 5 minute intra-day candlestick charts for day traders to weekly candlestick charts covering several years for longer term investors.


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Free Stock UpdatesFor those that already have a basic understanding of technical analysis, I would recommend browsing some of my Free Stock Updates where I show you how I use and apply different technical analysis tools and techniques.


Trendy Stock Chart members have access to my portfolio holdings where I list each holding's average cost basis as well as the percentage of my total portfolio that it makes up. I also provide members with full disclosures all intended trades in the near future. Once a trade is executed, disclosure is made in the Idea Chamber (a private forum for Trendy Stock Chart members) for the short-term until the next update for that stock.


Do you want technical analysis performed on a particular stock you own? Members can leave requests in the Idea Chamber.


If you are new to technical analysis and don't understand some of the terminology used on my site, just click here or on the "Investing Definitions" book at the bottom of the page and you will find definitions for several of the stock terms that I tend to use frequently.


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So what are you waiting for? Wall Street isn't waiting for you.....