10/11/2013 – Trendy Stock Charts Is Under Attack

I apologize for not having any stock updates this week. I have been dealing with hacker issues all week as my security program found some malicious code that has been inserted into my website's files. And considering that I am a noob with running this website, fixes are taking a long time because I am doing them myself (I would pay someone, but that is not in my budget at the moment).


That's not to mention the thousands of spam comments that have been flooding my site in the last week, which I delete before they get posted, so you do not see anything on your end.


After speaking with my web host, they stated there are no dangers for visitors to the site. The dangers are on my end.


Karma is a bitch and I hope whomever did this gets their fair share of headaches in due time.


On a quick note, while the bounce in the indices yesterday was extremely nice and on good volume, the volume for the indices today is lacking any conviction. There is a possibility that the indices could experience a little more of a correction unless volume starts to pick up again on Monday. As my good friend Denco always states - be prepared!


I hope to have things resolved soon and get back to posting regular stock updates. Until then, good luck trading.

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